New article in MBG: How Ashtanga Yoga Pushed Me To Embrace Change

I was practicing Ashtanga yoga during a complicated period in my private life. A dynamic and physically demanding practice that synchronizes breath and movement, Ashtanga yoga brought so much peace and order to my life at a time when I was experiencing so much stress. The effects were so profound that I decided to take it to the next level and share it with others, so I signed up for a teacher training in Paris while still working my office day job. It wasn't long after I completed the training that I made the decision to quit my job and pursue work as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica.

My travels have landed me in Nosara, where I teach now in one of the most beautiful yoga studios in the world. I fell in love with Costa Rica and the people of the country. A place so remote and unknown to me just a year ago has become my second home, a haven of opportunity, wonder, and excitement. While Ashtanga yoga offers up the benefits of improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind, I also created a safe space out of my practice—one where I could heal and thrive.



In case you find yourself in a position where you're indecisive or looking for a new path, here are four reminders that have helped me:

  1. Recall how all things you worried about in the past eventually worked out. As you reflect at this moment of your life, find ease and comfort in the outcome and how you moved through it.
  2. Celebrate your strength. Remind yourself that whatever doesn’t kill makes for a stronger vibration. Even when you feel challenged in the moment, everything will resolve itself—and if it doesn't, it's not the end. Always keep your vibration high.
  3. Open yourself to the world and stay receptive to the possibilities and opportunities around you. Even when things are difficult, try not to hide from the world as you may miss out on a beautiful opportunity or relationship. Take your time to process your emotions. Don’t be afraid to live or you may reflect later regretting the things you didn't do.
  4. Practice yoga daily to find courage and gain confidence.Surprise yourself! Be brave and you will be amazed how your life can change on and off the mat. See what’s possible in your life and dive deep into your own practice.